E-rewards.com, what is it and why you should sign up for it

E-rewards.com is a is a trademark of the Research Now Group, Inc. When you sign up to E-rewards you will be emailed random surveys to take part in. In most cases E-rewards will ask you about your interests and likes and give you the surveys closest to them. When you complete a Survey you receive compensation in the form or E-rewards dollars. Get a certain amount of E-rewards dollars and you can redeem them from your account for certain things. This is where you need to sign up for E-rewards.

You can redeem E-rewards dollars for gift cards, magazine subscriptions, gift cards to Best Buy, Starbucks and other places. But here is the best part for those who travel. You can redeem the dollars for United Miles, Southwest Airlines miles and Jet Blue miles. You can also use them to redeem Hertz points for your rental car. There are also other airline frequent flyer programs like Frontier you can redeem, and also hotel rewards points from some hotel chains.

In the last few weeks I redeemed $25 in E-rewards dollars to redeem 500 United miles and $25 to redeem 500 Jet Blue miles,  I will soon have enough to redeem 125 Hertz points. There are some restrictions though, you can only redeem 1 category for the company per time frame. A quick example: I redeemed the 500 United Miles for $25 in E-Rewards dollars, I have to wait about another month to be able to redeem the same thing, but I can have $50 in rewards dollars and redeem 1000 United miles, and you can get 2000 United miles for $100 E-rewards dollars, I just can’t get the 500 Miles for $25, you can only do each 1 once a month or so.

This right here is basically free miles or points for your favorite frequent flyer program. The longer the survey the more reward dollars you get. You can have short surveys which you may only get a dollar or 2 for, to long ones where I’ve gotten 10-15 rewards dollars for. You can collect dollars fairly quickly, and you can request the frequency to receive surveys through your email. You can ask for just 1-2 a week, or request 10+ a week like I do. There will be times where your answer to the survey are not what they are looking for, or they have revived the amount of answers already, when this happens you get a fraction on the rewards for your trouble , maybe a quarter or fifty cents.

Sign up for E-rewards right now. It’s basically free airline miles for very little work. I’ll go through my available surveys  either on my days off work or while I am laying in bed. Dollars can add up quick and so do the free miles, getting you closer to those free flights.


Author: travelforless17

Avid traveler and former Disney Vacation Planner/Travel Agent. Looking for and helping you find the best deals on your vacations and giving you tips and advice on how to find the best prices.

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