My review of O’hana dinner at the Polynesian

Easily one of my favorite restaurants in all of Walt Disney World is O’hana’s locates in the Polynesian Resort. For years I never wanted to eat here, not sure why that was really but my sister finally talked me into trying this out a few years ago and it is one of my must do restaurants every trip.

O’hana means family, and they treat you like it here, the waiter even calls you “cousin”, well because there you are family. You start off with an Asain slaw served family style. Now it’s been a little while since I’ve been here but it used to be served as a salad which was much better than the slaw. There wasn’t much flavor to the slaw and it was very mediocre, but I didn’t come here for the salad.

Next up is a platter of sweet and sour noodles, coriander chicken wings and pot stickers. They give you 2 separate sauces for dipping, both are very good. The chicken wings are amazing, the sauce on them is phenomenal. The noodles are very good, light sweet flavor on them. The potsticker are lightly fried and dipped in the sweeter of the 2 sauces(my preference) is the way to go.. this is all served family style, and don’t get nervous, O’hana is all you care to enjoy, so if you need more of anything just ask. We went with wings and potstickers, they were so good.

As you are munching on those 3 you have a server come around with three separate grilled items, steak, chicken and shrimp… I am not a big steak fan but the steak is nicely marinated, as are the other 2 meats. The chicken is my favorite, the grilled flavor to it along with the marinade is fantastic. The shrimp would be a lot better if the shell weren’t still on them, but it’s just a little bit of work to get the shell off. Again they will come around again if you want more, but by now you should be getting stuffed.

A good touch is a plate of hot wet towels to clean off your hands from the stickiness of the wings and potstickers, it’s surprisingly comforting.

After all this, you better make some room for the banana pudding dessert with a caramale sauce reduction. I am not a dessert person, I rarely eat dessert so I leave no room for dessert, but my wife, sisters all tell he pudding is the best dessert in Disney… they leave room just for this.

There is a performer playing Island music for entertainment and there are coconut races for the kids during dinner keeping them entertained, also if you have little picky eaters who don’t care for what is offered, they have a kids menu with chicken fingers, Mac and cheese and a few other items that are more kid friendly.

Add all this up plus there is a pretty spectacular view of Cinderella’s Castle makes this my favorite spot to eat at in any park or resort there in Walt Disney World. If you want to eat here, you better make your ADR’s early, reservations go quick here for dinner and are hard to come by. So make sure it’s on your plans and book right at your 180 day mark to make sure you get a reservation for this great restaurant.




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