My Review of Akershus Breakfast in Epcot

I’ve had people tell me for a while that one of their favorite breakfast meals in Walt Disney World is The Princess breakfast experience at Akershus in Norway at Epcot’s World Showcase. I have never been to Akershus, and with having a 4, almost 5 year old daughter who just loves the Disney princesses I figured now was a good time to try it.

I had an 8:10am reservation, there were EMH starting at 8am for Epcot that morning. Normally at the Magic Kingdom if you have an early morning breakfast reservation they would let you in early to get to your reservation. That was one of the added perks of waking up super early for Crystal Palace until they started letting everyone into Main Street early. At Epcot, they did not let us in early to get to our reservation. Now I’m pretty sure the first reservations were for 8:05, so those people were not allowed in either. My question is, why offer these early ADR’s if you can’t get in the park to get to them? Maybe it was something with EMH’s, or maybe just a one time thing where there was a miscommunication? I am not sure all I know no one was allowed in as we were told “there is no authorization for breakfast reservations to be let in early.”

As we were let in( by the entrance in the UK Pavilion) we had to walk around through Canada, to Mexico and then to Norway and finally arriving at Akershus. Now the problem with being let in all at the same time, is that you had everyone with an 8:05 reservation probably until 8:25 showed up at the same time so there was a very long wait to get in. You also had people who were waiting a while being bypassed by people who had been here a short time making some people very angry. I’d assume it was due to people with earlier ADR’s getting there later. So our 8:10 reservation turned into an 8:45.

Ok so we finally get called and you have to wait in line to have a picture taken with Belle. Me personally had no interest as I just wanted to get in and eat. But, my daughter was excited as a Belle is her favorite princess. It didn’t take too long to get to her. I was very surprised as the cast member who was Belle seemed to be a young teenage girl. She looked no older than 16-17 years old. She as great with my daughter, I was just surprised she seemed so young.

Finally we were seated. Now for your meal, your are brought out a plate served family style consisting of four items, scrambled eggs, a potato casserole, and sausage and bacon. You then have a buffet area with pastries, fresh fruit, and other items such as Norwegian smoked salmon and other local breakfast items. I was pretty disappointed in the breakfast food quality as a whole. The scrambled eggs were bland and just poor quality. The sausage and bacon were ok, but how can you really screw up that? The potato casserole was very good, probably the best item I had. The buffet area had very good fresh fruit, small little munchkin like donut holes, and some good cinnamon rolls which my son and myself inhaled. The other items on the buffet I had no interest it, wasn’t my normal breakfast items, and really just didn’t look appealing.

The princesses came around to each table. You had Snow White, Aerial, sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel come around. My daughter loved it and soaked it all up, my son could care less and refused to take pictures.

So the experience was worth it just for my daughter seeing her so happy and I’m her glory, but I wouldn’t do it again especially for the price tag. Now I guess we were still in the spring break prices, so for an adult it was $45 each, and it was $28 for each of the kids. That pricing is a little ridiculous and really not worth it. It was good to experience it once especially if you have a young daughter who is infatuated with the princesses like my daughter is. But we will not be coming back to Akershus. The food was just average, and we can take pictures with the other princesses other times they are out.


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