The biggest scam in travel… Resort fees

Nothing gets me more upset, gets me so animated while talking about travel than Resort fees. Resort fees are a hotel’s way of adding charges to a room to up the price per night. Plain and simple you get no added benefit from a resort fee or added “free perk” that is associated with the resort fee. It is a scam and just a way for them to issue a cheaper per night advertised rate to suck you in.

It seems most hotels are adding in a scam resort fee to their rates, problem is they don’t charge you when you book the room, they wait till you get there to tell you about the fine print of a $25 per night resort fee.

You are probably asking yourself, ” what exactly is included in the extra fee, what am I paying for?” Well taking a look at a popular Las Vegas casino on the strip, which is where Resort fees are out of control, the added cost gets you, ” fitness center access for 2 each day, free local phone calls, and daily wired internet access for one device.” Ok if you are in Vegas and you are using their fitness center each day, you aren’t doing Vegas right. Who uses the phones at the hotel anymore? I don’t think I’ve met a person in the last few years who does not carry a cell phone. As for that wifi, that’s why I have a data plan. You get all that for things you will never use for a paltry $32 a day extra fee. If you are there 7 days that is an extra $224 added on to your room price. In a lot of cases in a place like Vegas, that’s more or almost as much as a week stay. A lot of times I get comp rooms, which is a lie because I would still have to pay the $30 or whatever the price is for their resort fee. You want to stay at a casino with no resort fee? Well it’s pretty tough since only 5 don’t have one and they are no where near the strip.

Resort fees are not just in Vegas too, most hotel chains, most upscale hotels are implementing this scam. They try to keep it from at booking,  but rest assured you will be charged extra for the phones or the gym or the wifi all which you probably will never use.

I am waiting for the day where Walt Disney World starts adding a resort fee, or a cruise line will start adding a cabin fee of some sort. I do not think that is in the near future, but if you look at how much these resorts make on added resort fees you just never know.

Now what you can do while on your stay is ask to see a manager at the desk. Complain about these fees and the fact you never use the phone or never use the wifi or gym.  I know some don’t like doing this but in a lot of cases it may save you some extra money. I have had the resort fee taken off a lot of times, it’s a scam and just an addition to the room rate, nothing more. There is legislation across the country to regulate how hotels advertise their room rates and added fees, so hopefully these resort fees will be gone and more rights for the traveler will be brought up.


Author: travelforless17

Avid traveler and former Disney Vacation Planner/Travel Agent. Looking for and helping you find the best deals on your vacations and giving you tips and advice on how to find the best prices.

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