Airline Credit cards: up first, Southwest Visa

I am a big advocate of the airline credit cards. It’s a good way to build up points and get free airfare which will ease the sting of paying for a vacation to let’s say Walt Disney World. I have a few of these and I will give you a run down of what I think are the best ones and a quick summary of them.

First card I will go over with you is the Southwest Airlines Visa card. Southwest is starting to become a favorite airline of mine. Only downfall is that there is pretty much n open seating when it comes to getting a seat on the plane. So no assigned seats but you get a boarding number which goes in order of when you check in, so check in right at that 24 hour mark to get the earliest number, or you can pay $15 to get one before to make sure you get a good seat. I have found as long as you can check in as close to the 24 hour opening to check in you should be ok.

Now with the Southwest card you get a bonus for signing up, if you spend up $1,000 or more with 3 months of opening the card up you get a bonus of 40,000 points added to your frequent flyer account. After that you get 1 point for every purchase made, and 2 points for every purchase made using your card on airfare, in flight drinks or snacks and entertainment. Really if you pay anything to Southwest using your card you get double points for every dollar spent.

Now I like this because the points needed for a free flight is not nearly as much as it is for a united flight. You still can find flights that seem to be a lot of points, but you can also find flights that are very low. In August I booked a flight round trip to Orlando for 5,000 points each way so it was about 10,000 points total. With United you are lucky to get a flight for 12,500 United miles for one way. So with your bonus with your card, those 40,000 points can go a long way towards airfare.

Also periodically Southwest will have a promotion where you get 50,000 miles when you open an account, you may need to specs $2,000 dollars but you get those extra 10,000 points,if you see this jump on it. You will also see this if you walk through the airport terminal and see a southwest visa kiosk.

Now there is a $69 yearly fee for the card so you must take that into account also, but you also get a bonus of 3,000 points each year on the anniversary of the opening of your account which can almost be a free ticket.

I suggest opening a Southwest card, the bonuses and points go a long way, to me Southwest is improving every time I fly with them and they just keep getting better. If you just learn to deal with the slight inconvenience with seating I think you will be flying with them more often, I have been.


Author: travelforless17

Avid traveler and former Disney Vacation Planner/Travel Agent. Looking for and helping you find the best deals on your vacations and giving you tips and advice on how to find the best prices.

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