I am a former Disney Vacation Planner/ Travel Agent and an avid Traveler. The main focus on my blog is to help the average traveler to save money on booking their vacations. But not only on booking, but also tips and advice to save money while on their vacations. I can promiseall this while not taking away from the luxury, fun and excitement of your trip.

There are so many ways a person can overpay on booking a trip that is just unnecessary. My focus is to lead you in the right direction, giving you tips and advice on how to save on bookings of your vacation. Whether you are single, newlyweds without children, or a couple with a family, I can help you find ways to save on your vacations.

I have expertise in all things Disney, Cruises and Las Vegas, but I have knowledge on most destinations. I also have expertise in timeshare ownership, so I can answer your questions you have on anything related to your upcoming or possible vacations. Please follow me on twitter @vacaassistant.