Updated Cruise Itinerary Info regarding damage from Hurricane Irma

Cruise Itineraries are still very much in flux for Eastern Caribbean sailings. But things are starting to get much clearer at some destinations for when ships will begin sailing to them. Here is a summary of info from the major cruise lines about changes and updates.

It seems St Thomas is ready to accept ships into port and most seem to be starting up around November 10th. From all accounts most restaurants and shops are up and running and everyone has power, so that is a very good thing and a quick recovery.

I have seen a few different dates with St. Maarten, some say they will start to head back November 11, and I have seen November 23. But the consensus is St. Maarten will be 100%  taking in ships by December 1st.

It’s miraculous the recovery at all these islands, including Key West. I have seen from the cruise line sites that they expect ships to resume travels to Key West by November 4th.

If you have cruises planned in the near future please check with the cruise lines or your cruise agent about any updates to your itinerary, but it seems sailing could be back to normal in the near future.