Anthem of the Seas dining: Public Areas

As you remember I had a sailing a few weeks ago on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas. I went over the Windjammer buffet and the main dining rooms, now it is time to go over some of the dining options in the other public areas.

First I’ll start with Cafe 270 which was located on deck 5. This is a Cafe/ sandwich spot. They also had fresh salads and hot soups. The star of the show is the roast beef sandwich. They carve the roast beef, put it on a small delicious round roll with some even more delicious horseradish sauce. Together you have one of the best roast beef sandwiches you will ever have. It was absolutely delicious and you will get multiples. They have other sandwiches to choose from. The only other sandwich I got was the Italian, which was also very good. The salads were crisp and fresh and the soups that changed every day were decent. When you get your food walk right into the 270 lounge and grab a seat to enjoy your food.

In the Esplanade on deck 4 you had a few options in the main area. My wife who loves her coffee visited the Starbucks a few times located in their patisserie. They don’t have the full Starbucks menu but they had what she wanted. I never got anything from the bakery but things seemed good. Across the way is Sorrento’s, a pizza place that has varieties of pizza waiting for you. I’m going to say thing, I’m from New Jersey, we have some of best, if not the best pizza in the USA so I may be picky. But this pizza was horrible. Princess cruises has the best pizza at sea, and I have heard MSC has better pizza, but I am not even sure the pizza at Sorrento’s can be described as pizza. The cheese seemed to disintegrate in your mouth, it had a fake/imitation cheese flavored and the crust was so/so. I tried it once, that’s all I needed.

They have a pub also in the Esplanade with food to pay for, usually normal pub food with some usual staples like a burger and chicken wings. Since staying with the theme of keeping the price down we did not eat there.

Upstairs on deck 15 in the SeaPlex you have the Hot Dog truck. I was most excited for this. They had a few different options of hot dogs and toppings, and a smoked bratwurst which was the first thing I tried. Now I will say this,I do not think the brat was popular with most cruisers on board, the hot dogs were flying out so the hot dogs were usually fresh, the brat was tough and lukewarmmdinly because it was sitting on the warmer for a while since no one was ordering it. If gotten fresh I believe it would have been very good and tasty. If you go and want it, check and see how long it’s been out, that was my mistake. The hot dogs though were good, I’d usually get a plain dog with Suaerkrout, mustard and ketchup… it was good. They had macaroni and potato salads as sides which were ok.

There was a Jonny Rockets outside the Windjammer by the outdoor pool which never seems busy. The menu is a la carte with milk shakes, soda, burgers fries onion rings. Again we did not attempt to eat here, and really it didn’t seem like many other did either. Think they need to change that space up a bit, seems it is a waste with few customers. Most of the people eating at the tables there were people taking trays from the Windjammer there to eat.

Really the main areas for dining are the Windjammer and the main dining rooms. Cafe 270 was very good and the hot dog cart was good too. There was another little Cafe in the Esplanade but nothing looked appetizing. There is more than enough to choose from on the Anthem in terms of food so you don’t have to go to anyplace to pay. Out of a 5 star rating I’ll give the Anthema 3.9.

Next up I’ll go over the entertainment and activities on board the Anthem.


Updated Cruise Itinerary Info regarding damage from Hurricane Irma

Cruise Itineraries are still very much in flux for Eastern Caribbean sailings. But things are starting to get much clearer at some destinations for when ships will begin sailing to them. Here is a summary of info from the major cruise lines about changes and updates.

It seems St Thomas is ready to accept ships into port and most seem to be starting up around November 10th. From all accounts most restaurants and shops are up and running and everyone has power, so that is a very good thing and a quick recovery.

I have seen a few different dates with St. Maarten, some say they will start to head back November 11, and I have seen November 23. But the consensus is St. Maarten will be 100%  taking in ships by December 1st.

It’s miraculous the recovery at all these islands, including Key West. I have seen from the cruise line sites that they expect ships to resume travels to Key West by November 4th.

If you have cruises planned in the near future please check with the cruise lines or your cruise agent about any updates to your itinerary, but it seems sailing could be back to normal in the near future.