Anthem of the Seas Entertainment and Activities

I was a little disappointed with the entertainment and activities on board the Anthem. There weren’t many Activities, for the round or the old going on throughout the day. I think what they try to do on this ship is basically make the boat your entertainment.

Now what I mean is this… on the ship you have the North Star, which I had a time for but unfortunately the day at Seas we had the time for it was rainy, breezy, and the water was rough so the NorthStar was not running unfortunately. You also have the IFly which is the virtual skydiving, you have bumper cars, roller skating and the trapeze/circus act training. Problem is with all of those they only run for a certain amount of time and will only take a certain amount of passengers. So with 4700 passengers on board these can get crowded and lines form early, there usually is a pretty good chance you don’t get to enjoy any of these unless you get there real early and wait. Me personally I don’t feel like waiting in line on my vacation, I do enough of that in ¬†Disney.

So there weren’t a lot of games, activities being done brought it the day really. I get that you really couldn’t do pool games because it was cold or the weather wasn’t great. But other than sales on the Esplanade or shopping seminars and the occasional trivia, your activities were what I mentioned before, or go to the indoor pool, or hit the bar. I hit the casino a few times and played some blackjack, played a slot machine here or there. Here is a great tip: if you go to the casino and are a slot player, go first day it’s opened and play early, they ship will set it up for looser slots early on in the cruise so they can tell you in your daily planner how much people are winning, then they tighten up later.

For the kids, I have 2 4 year olds and they loved the kids club the Adventure Club. Kids were always asking to go which was fine with the wife and I.  The really were good with the kids and they always had activities and games planned out for the day. Kids loved it, which I was really surprised since I figured they would want to stay with us most of the time.

As for nightly entertainment, this was poor. We went to watch their show We Will Rock You and left after 15 minutes, and we were not the only ones. But, from what everyone says the show gets better as it goes on but we just didn’t have time for it and left. The other show Spectra was decent, can’t really describe it but it was technologically impressive. The comedians were so soand the headliner who was a female vocal impressionist was very good, heard people say she was the best show they have seen on board a cruise ship.

On deck 3 and 4 you have the Music Hall, they would play Karaoke,have live music and dancing, if you go to the bar on deck 4 it was one of the more less crowded areas on the ship which was welcoming. The bar usually was not crowded and it was relaxing. There were a few pool tables there also which were never crowded if you felt like having a drink and shooting some pool.

The Bionic bar on deck 5 was neat, basically you have a couple of robotic arms make your drink you order on a tablet. It was fun watching the robots make the drinks, though there were a few complaints of the drink either made wrong or the drink itself was not the right one.

There was live music in the pub on board, never went in to listen but it seemed crowded and it was the normal jovial sounds you would hear out of a pub.

All together the entertainment and activities were poor, the shows were not good overall and activities lacking, out of 5 stars I’d give the Anthem 2 stars… look out next for my Ports of Call review